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If you can’t find the answer to your question below, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Contact Page

Q – How much does it cost?

A – The first month is free!  Thereafter the training fees are £20 every 4 weeks (Junior/Senior) & £10 every 4 weeks (Cubs – Under 8 years of age)(Conditions apply – Please ask for further details).


Q – Is there a joining fee?

A – Yes, there is a fee to become a member of Lenbukai.  The current costs are £15 per person per year (April-April) or £20 per family per year (Conditions apply – Please ask for further details).


Q – Are there any other costs that I need to know about to get started?

A – Yes, the only other additional cost is for a Licence which is provided through the Scottish Amateur Shotokan Federation.  This is essentially your insurance protection and must be paid within 4 weeks of you commencing training.  Every member, including all the Instructors must hold a valid licence to train, grade and compete in competitions.  The current costs for a licence which will run for 1 full year are:

£18 Junior (Under 16)

£20 Senior (16 and over)


Q – Do I have to buy a karate-gi (suit) straight away to train?

A – No, all we recommend for new students is that they wear something comfortable and easy to move in.  Joggers or shorts and a t-shirt are absolutely fine.  We all train in bare feet so there is no need to worry about any footwear.


Q – I feel nervous and worried about my fitness level will I be able to handle the training?

A – Of course, we cater for all fitness levels as we realise that every new member will have concerns about their fitness and flexibility.  All that we ask is that you train on a regular basis and give 100% and your fitness will take care of itself over time.  We all have to start somewhere!


Q – Is there a beginner’s class?

A – Yes, the first hour of our class is tailored towards beginners where the basic moves, discipline, fitness and education about our sport will take place.  Once you have moved up a couple of grades, your class will be extended to incorporate the additional skills and techniques you require to progress towards achieving your black belt.

Q – How long will it take me to achieve a black belt?

A – If you are training on a regular basis you should achieve 1st Dan Black Belt within an average of 3-4 years.


Q – How often are the grading’s?

A – A Kyu grading is held 3 times a year approximately 16 weeks apart.  There is also a Dan Grading are held once a year.


Q – How many grades are there before black belt?

A – Here is a list of the grades and the colour of belts associated with each belt:

10th Kyu           White Belt

9th Kyu             Red Belt

8th Kyu             Orange Belt

7th Kyu             Yellow Belt

6th Kyu             Green Belt

5th Kyu             Purple Belt

4th Kyu             Purple & White Belt

3rd Kyu             Brown Belt

2nd Kyu             Brown Belt

1st Kyu              Brown & White Belt

1st Dan             Black Belt


Q-Is there a family discount?

A-Yes, for full details please contact us.


Q-What is the ratio of instructors to students?

A-In most cases we have a 1-10 ratio, although during basic lessons their are more students due to group instructing.


Q-On your poster it states all age groups welcome but what is the starting age?

A-The starting age is from 5 years old, however, we do take students at the age of 4 as long as their parent/guardian signs a disclaimer allowing their child to participate.