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Lenbukai Karate Club is proud to teach the art of traditional Shotokan karate to its students. Established in 1976 by Sensei Andy Murdoch it was considered to be the leading organisation in and around the Lanarkshire area with 14 clubs and over 600 members. It is currently affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Shotokan Federation and the World Karate Confederation and has now rooted itself in the centre of Lanarkshire where classes are held at the £30 million Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility.

Lenbukai is currently led by Senior Instructors, Sensei Andrew Murdoch (4th Dan) and David Murdoch (5th Dan) who have each been teaching karate to both adults and children for over 20 years.

Lenbukai is a family run organisation and is known for its standard, which is of the highest degree. All of the Instructors are dedicated to ensure that every student receives first class tuition and that all classes are performed in a safe and friendly environment.

Each Instructor are registered members of the PVG Scheme (Protection of Vulnerable Groups), have the appropriate Instructors Insurance and are trained in First Aid, so please be assured that you are in safe hands.

Our classes are of mixed ages and gender as we believe that training as a team produces a more welcoming atmosphere within the club and encourages each student to push themselves to their limits. Our Instructors are always on hand to help any student, both young and old, with any problems they are having during their training. Discipline is also one of the most essential factors during our classes and again we feel that when everyone works together as a team, discipline quickly takes care of itself.

If you are thinking about becoming a member of our club and have any questions, please visit the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section within our ‘Contact page’ or alternatively complete the online form and one of our Senior Instructors will be happy to answer any other questions you have.

We at Lenbukai sincerely trust you will enjoy the benefits of physical training and discipline along with the companionship of other people like yourself and we hope to see you at our next class.


You must ensure that you train regularly, even though your muscles may complain initially. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, and do not worry if your progress is not as rapid as you might like it to be – everybody feels awkward at first. If there is anything that you do not understand, just ask a higher grade... Learn More



Start Time:

All Students - 6:00pm

Finish Time:

Cubs - 6:45pm
Beginner & Intermediate Grades - 7:00pm
Advanced Grades - 8:00pm


Start Time:

All Students - 7:00pm

Finish Time:

Cubs - 7:45pm
Beginner & Intermediate Grades - 8:00pm
Advanced Grades - 9:00pm


Cubs (Under 8 years of age):

£10 four weekly


£20 four weekly
***CURRENT DISCOUNTS*** (Updated January 2019):
1. First month is FREE!!!
2. If you have a fully paying child then parents can train for FREE!!!
3. Are you a member of the EMERGENCY SERVICE? Join now and get the first 3 MONTHS FREE!!! (Identification required)

Additional Costs:

Annual Licence - £18 (Junior) £20 (Senior)
Annual Membership - £15 (Individual) £20 (Family)
Please note: Membership fee is due every April. Family membership only applies to members who reside at the same address.


Contact Lenbukai

Contact us on one of the following or you can fill out the online form over on our contact page.

Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility

O'Donnell Way, Motherwell, ML1 2TZ


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